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We’re backing better meetings : Notiv

TLI is proud to announce our investment in Notiv’s $1.4m Pre-Seed Round alongside Full Circle VC and Black Sheep Capital.

Meetings – efficiency lost in time

There are 11 million meetings per day in the US alone.* Meetings are inherently inefficient and a pain point for organisations around the world.

Meeting notes are often hand-written, unshared or are interpreted by a single note-taker.Companies can spend hours reviewing recorded meetings, typing up minutes, extracting important notes and points, collating discussion points and actions items, and then manually inputting all of this information into various other third party tools. Then, there’s the hours lost in follow up meetings to recap prior meetings.

Take into account the administration staff and personnel employed to perform these tasks and this inefficiency costs businesses $200bn annually*.

Enter Notiv – record, revisit and share your meetings with one click.

We believe Notiv can help streamline the entire meeting process and shift the business focus from administration to better client outcomes – faster.  Notiv allows seamless sharing of meeting insights and details with team members efficiently and securely.

Notiv is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) voice-to-text SaaS tool. By recording conversations, users can flag key moments and neatly transcribe meeting minutes to flow into a businesses project management stack.

Notiv’s solution to the global problem of inefficient meetings was one of the drivers behind our decision to invest. The rockstar team’s strong technical experience with navigating the engineering challenge of NLP was another.

Understanding content – the great engineering challenge.

Perfect DSP, or voice-to-text transcription is itself, an engineering challenge. There are already a number of players in this market. A meeting transcribed word-for-word however, isn’t actionable and fails to capture the context of the subject matter being discussed.

Unlike a straight transcription service, Notiv will identify and match nuanced ‘action items’. It will capture content, summarise it and deliver it in an actionable and digestible format. Notiv’s machine learning model will adapt to the terminology used in different sectors and industry verticals over time, starting off with professional services as its initial product vertical. This will offer considerable value to industry with industry specific terminology like financial services, consulting and medical.

Meet the rock star founding team.

Chris Raethke is not just any founder. He was previously a co-founder and CTO at BugCrowd, a bug bounty-hunting platform that enables ethical hackers to find bugs in a company’s stack or security protocols and be rewarded. Chris worked on improving the security of companies such as Spotify, Twilio, Quora, Fitbit, Indeed, Pinterest, Salesforce, Heroku, Tesla and Western Union. He has strong experience both technically and as an engineering manager/CTO.

Chris began working on Notiv as a side project in 2017 and relocated to Brisbane from San Francisco after being awarded Advance Queensland’s Hotdesq program grant, where he met Notiv co-founder Dr. Iain McCowan.

Iain brings more than two decades of digital signal processing (DSP), audio signal processing, speech-to-text (STT) and microphone array experience. Previously, Iain has worked at CSIRO, as a university professor and as a startup founder of a software-enabled microphone for recording meetings.

Chris and Iain are both second time founders and have proven their ability to build globally relevant products, scale engineering teams and have the raw technical firepower required to embark on this engineering challenge. We think that with Notiv, they can do it better.

Notiv is hiring! If you’re interested in working with NLP, Speech-to-text, product engineering and working with a highly experienced team, head to to find out more.